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Yes, I'm a fan of Dexter, True Blood, NCIS, The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl. Yes, this blog will probably consist of posts of all these shows. Yes, this blog used to be all for Klaroline/Vampire Diaries. Yes, this blog will now be for Vampire Diaries and True blood. Yes, it will contain rants here and there. Yes, I'm opinionated. No, I probably won't care if you hate me for it. Yes, I don't mind a good debate or hear someone's other view as long as they're not dumb. Yes, I will tell you who/what I ship if you ask nicely. Yes, I'm always calm and don't let any of these shows get to me.


‘Please don’t do this now. I am here with him.’  

‘You have to tell him the truth, love. About us.’

‘I can’t. He doesn’t deserve to be hurt.’

‘And what about me? Do my feelings mean nothing to you?! I can’t share you with anyone. So choose. Him or me?’ 

June 29 • 34 • ©
#Klaroline #Candice Accola #Joseph Morgan
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